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Duke España

Readme: Let's Rork Playable Tech Demo

I originally wanted this to be a proper map, and in a way it is, but it's an amalgamation of 4 different pieces of work from me from the past year or more, and after combining them, making all the TROR, adding some details and gameplay, I don't have the energy to finish it as a "map", not to mention my other commitments.

Having said that, the map is 'playable from start to finish'. I highly recommend starting it up, doing dnkroz and dnstuff, and making your way though. On top of some really neat ways of using TROR, there are some pretty nice gameplay events as well. Oh and you'd want to use polymer.

This map is a really really really big piece of tech demo which includes some of the following features due to TROR:
1. 3D rotating underwater fan.
2. 3D pipes.
3. 3D enterable flying saucer.
4. 3D Duke Burger with rotating burger sign and destructable roof.
5. 3 story destroyed building.
6. Building turned on side.
7. 3D two way train (not fully functioning, so cannot be reached when playing the map, I've never made a two way train before so maybe I'm doing something wrong that another mapper can quickly fix.)
8. Complicated boss arena geometry (you'll see...)
9. 3D (floating) swinging doors.
10. Other stuff I forgot to mention, plus the standard stuff that comes with TROR.

I've learnt a LOT of lessons by making this, not just to do with TROR, but with map making in general. I've started another polymer TROR map from scratch, but we'll see how it goes... I probably won't talk about it for a while.

I'd love to hear people's opinions, and hopefully some mappers will find some of the examples useful.

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